Here you have my Monday-look! To me this is a quite simple outfit and all about comfort. I always like to keep it lazy on Mondays because it's my only day off in the week. It's just about piling on some layers, whatever I find lying around in my room. And most of the time I go for black or gray because that's a no brainer.

When we were bringing a quick visit to Ikea yesterday my look proofed to be not that simple as I thought. A little boy said to his dad while pointing at me; "Look dad it's Lady Gaga!". "No son, that's not Lady Gaga". Funny. Also I hear a lot of people who are visiting our store saying to each other: "This is so Lady Gaga". I think it is kind of a compliment because she dresses creative but it also makes me think. Don't people have other references then brainwashed popstars these days? Everything that's a little different gets labeled as Gaga. I understand really young people might not know any better but people from age 18+? The situation is worrying to me probably because I have read too much on this site. I just want people to be a little bit more considerate while watching television / listening to music etc. Media might not be that innocent as we all think...

Vintage hat
Knuff necklace
Old lace top
Two thrifted sheer blouse wrapped as skirt
Vintage Chanel bag
Old shiny black legging
Chanel flats

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  1. Die shirts als rok staan je echt geniaal! Heerlijk hoe dit je ' casual monday' outfit is! ^^ En veel mensen vinden alles wat extravagant is Lady Gaga. Ik krijg het ook heel vaak (zelfs van de schoolfotograaf ooit, nou daar ga ik niet van lachen...). Vind het zelf ook zo dom. Maar mensen kijken gewoon niet echt verder. Dom maar waar :/