I'm really curious what you think of my new hair! I love it so much. First because it is really ME. Second because it's a practical hairdo, I'm not so good with hairstyling products, blow dryers and pins in the morning. I chose this purple and green outfit because I thought it would match my new copper brown hair color. And luckily I recently got these two peacock necklaces at Primark to finish the look. Stacking two of the same necklaces to give it more volume.

Speaking of Primark, we had a blast in Liege and Antwerp past Monday! I think I love Belgium even more than the Netherlands .. but ofcourse it can't beat France ;)

Wearing: Two Primark peacock necklaces, Zara chiffon top, H&M pants, Alexander Wang boots, Froufrou's cross ring, vintage bag

6 opmerkingen:

  1. geweldig kapsel. ik kan dat zo niet hebben maar het staat jou geweldig. Vind de peacock necklace ook te gek.

  2. Gaaf haar! En WAT een ketting, prachtig.


  3. Tof haar!

    Wat upload aan foto's! Vaker doen. Je ben zo inspiratie vol!

  4. mooie foto's! ben je daar in een vintage store of is dat je geweldige huis? haha!