Today I had to say goodbye to a new friend who I had the honor to get to know during two weeks. No it's not a person, it's a phone! A Nokia pink N8. Nokia gave me the chance to use this phone and test it out. I had fun snapping around with the built in 12 MP camera + finding out how the phone can be used to it's fullest.

Showing off in my matching ensemble:

I found the phone very useful for social functions; Facebook, email etc. I think these functions are easier to use when I compare it to my Iphone. Also the phone is really fast to work with. And for me the camera is a big pro: it makes great quality photo's for normal use. You can't compare it to a SLR camera but it comes close to a compact cam. The cons of this phone (compared to my Iphone) are navigation through the device (sometimes you get lost) and using the Ovi store to download apps. But it probably needed some more practice to get totally used to this phone.
Here are some photo's I or William shot wit the N8:
Taking photo's in the store

Eating out, 3x

We had so much fun in this restaurant, although you wouldn't tell when seeing this two facebook addicts at work.

Coffee + ice, mjam!

Visiting my parents in Alkmaar for a few days because my mom isn't doing that well. Really enjoyed my stay because the house + garden feels like some kind of health resort to me ;)

Playing my favorite game while sitting in the sun, nobody can beat me with Memory ;)

I've been cooking these homegrown Kohlrabi twice with my mom. They taste really good!
Traveling back to Arnhem

Catching up with William's friends to go the premiere of Transformers 3 (in 3D)

Outfit 1: vintage dress and matching jacket, H&M vest, vintage cross necklace, unknown kneesocks, Froufrou's booties
Outfit 2: Invito hat, White dress Froufrou's, Sequined top Nasty Gal, vintage neon pink sports short, sandals Froufrou's, Alittlecowsdream bag, vintage fur tale

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