Yes!! Shout it from all the roofs, our webshop is nominated for a Dutch Elle Award for best vintage shop. What an honor to be picked out of the trillion vintage shops we have in Holland :D I truly need your help for votes so we can win this award. There are 3 nominees and we are at the last place at the moment with 137 votes. I know it is almost impossible to win from these two famous webshops who are ahead of us (Designer-Vintage and Winkeldochters, love both myself!) but we can at least give it a good try by start voting all, don't you think? And afterwards spread the word at your Facebook page/blog/Twitter. Big thanks!! While your voting also take the time to vote for the other categories: your favorite fashionblog, fashionshop, twitter-fashionista and fashionbrand website. Fingers crossed and I will keep you updated about the Awards.


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ofcourse, I vote for you! Good luck!

  2. ik heb natuurlijk voor je gestemd :D, en ook even deze tweet voor je de lucht in gegooid:!/Fashionisaparty/status/95099797635219456