I think it is! Vacuuming clears up you mind and it makes you feel better afterwards. Today we made some changes in the store + cleaned up everything. That's because tomorrow night we're open till midnight because of the annual 'Nacht van de mode' (Fashionnight in Arnhem). You're welcome in our store for shopping (a to z) but we're also having a instore-photoshoot! And the model is you!you!you! For real: Photographer Laura Cnossen will be there all night to capture the visitors in their most glorious outfits. Photo's will be placed immediately on our Facebook-page during the evening. Afterwards we will pick our favorite outfit/photo and he/she will receive a € 50,- Froufrou's shoppingvoucher! So drop by in your coolest outfit or go and style a totally new outfit with items from the store! If you're not able to make it to 'De nacht van de mode' follow our Facebook from 19.00u till 0.00u for all the outfits!

Wearing: thrifted blouse, seventies crochet pants from MOD vintage, vintage blazer from Froufrou's, Chunky armour boots from Froufrou's. (Also wore my fashionology cross necklace during the day but it's not pictured on these photo's)

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  1. Oei! Ik ben nu aan het werk in Limburg. Hopelijk lukt het me om bij het event te zijn!