The orange hair makes me wear other colors then I usual do, such as ... orange, which I never wore before since I can recall. Also pastels, army/rust/earth tints, pinks and ofcourse blacks/greys/whites go very well with my renewed goldy locks.

Last night my besty and I held the second edition of our clothing-swap-party. What a success (again!). Just imagine a hysterical group of woman running around in their undies and fitting the most ridiculous pieces of clothing + gossip + wine. And afterwards it's so much fun to see everybody leave with a whole new and free wardrobe! My catch of the evening: Wolford pink striped sheer top, black Oroblu turtleneck, grey silk baggy dress, black lace tights, white bodyblouse, bodycon skirt, leopard print cardigan, necklace with big beads.

Wearing: Asos knitted dress, Jean Lempereur vintage zonnebril, striped kneesocks Ebay, wedges Froufrou's, vintage leather bracelet Froufrou's

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