Times flies, it has already been 5 monts ago since I made this unforgettable trip to Paris with my best friend. Jeske wearing a vintage long yellow skirt from Froufrou's. Later on she bought this amazing leather bag pack in a vintage shop. I'm always running like an enthusiastic kid. Can't help. Big stairs and big beautiful building. I thougt this was the Zoological science centre/museum.
We where on our way to the mosque to visit and eat there.
Unfortunately the mosque was closed but the garden was open for lunch! There was also a hamam. If we would have known about this before ...

Vintage shopping, me with the most pretty leather jacket ever seen. My face looks really tired, probably because it was more than 35c that day.
In the evening we went back to the gardens of the Louvre and just enjoyed sitting on the grass.
Discussing where to go tomorrow.. Heading back to our hotel in Montmartre.

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