I feel like a lucky bird right now! I'm in the south of France for a week, where the sun is shining and cigales are still singing. Today the weather has been a little colder then the rest of the week (hence the legging) but the other days I was wearing shorts and dresses all day long. I think everyone at home will be really jealous because I've been told it's 12 degrees in Holland right now. Sadly I will be back in a few days :( Alright, I will go to sleep now. Will post more photo's when I'm at home!

Wearing: Lace dress Primark, Sheer legging Fashionmanor, scarf is present from Marrakesh, leather sandals Scapino, vintage bag and belt

2 opmerkingen:

  1. You are lovely! Great combo. And I love the S of France.

    Lela London

  2. Ahhhh ik wil ook!

    Heerlijke foto ook trouwens :)