I'm back! The story of our week in Paris starts with some regular sightseeing and relaxing in the park with wine, baguette and cheese. Photo's from day 1 will follow soon but first I would like to show you the photo's I took at our second day, location Grand Palais, where the Chanel Haute Couture show was held. Although we couldn't see the show, an amusing show was happening outside; Fancy black cars arrived and even more fancy people got out of the cars, posing, smiling, grabbing their invitation, avoiding the crowd of photographers and entering the Grand Palais. The whole thing was a big circus but I enjoyed myself a lot! Meeting lovely blogger Soukena, seeing Tommy Ton at work, spotting a lot of nice bags, shoes and dresses and seeing Carine Roitfeld up close. And ofcourse seeing Bryan Boy in real life! A photo from me and Souki photographing Bryan is on his blog, here

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