Sometimes I'm a bit obsessed making lists. Especially making 'To do lists' is one of my specialties. If I won't make lists I would go mental, too much information stored in the head isn't a good thing. Lately the lists are getting out of hand, got them all over stored in my computer, pieces of papers in bags and a few in my Iphone. Anyone who can relate? But I guess too much to do's are a good sign to slow down a bit, so I'm trying to although I'm in my graduation year.

One of many lists I've got contains ideas for my blog and reminders of outfit photo's I still need to post which are stored on my cam's memory card. I've got a lot still waiting to post! I'm starting to deal with this list by posting two (almost similar) outfits with my atm favorite jacket (sort of conductor jacket?). It's one of the two vintage jackets I bought in Tilburg (can't wait to visit this vintage store again!)

Wearing: Scarf souvenir from Marrakesh from my moms friend, Grey leather jacket Warehouse, Ring and glasses from Ydeltuyt, Jeffrey Campbell wedges

Wearing: Fake fur scarf vintage, Grey leather jacket Warehouse, Star tee unknown, jeans American Apparel, Jeffrey Campbell wedges

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  1. so polished, i especially like your use of greyscale in the first outfit :)

    my memory card is the same! so many pictures i want to share, but i can't bring myself to sit down and write a decent post about them.