I felt like typing something on my blog right now because I'm feeling sick and boring today and I have got a lot of work lying around. Not working makes me feel really nervous because it's causing me to work tomorrow twice as hard. Hope I'm feeling better tomorrow morning..

Also kind of worried about the Volcano situation we're having at the moment. I'm a devoted Discovery/National Geographic-watcher so I kind of watched all the eart-space-nature-disaster related documentaries and I'm aware what a Vulcano eruption can cause and how it can affect us all. That brings me to the question, what's your favorite Discovery / National Geographic program if you watch those channels? My favorites are the ones about space, earth, survival in nature, the dog whisperer, Miami ink and the prison programs are also kind of fun.

The photo's in this post are some photo's Irene, our intern took from me last week! She's got talent don't you think so?

The lace up shoes and long patchwork skirt I'm wearing are for sale in my shop!

PS: Thank you all for the nice comments on last post!!

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  1. Yeah that vulcano-situation is kinda bad.. My dad can't go to Tokyo because of that. To answer your question: I actually never watch National Geographic or Discovery Channel only when my sister has the remote control and watches that.
    BTW: I totally love the black hat and the printed skirt, and the pictures are gorgeous :D

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  2. hele leuke post! Je schoenen zijn leuk!

  3. That sucks indeed if you planned to travel abroad!
    But the airplane thing isn't really the thing that's scaring me, I'm afraid if the big volcano will erupt too we will get covered in the ashes and it will affect our climate and also our health.

    You should watch more ;)

    Thanks girl!

  4. Wat een geweldige schoenen zeg! :)


  5. Nature is speaking up!

    I love the shows about astronomy. The circling orbits of planets in our solar system, the slow swirl of our galaxy, the black ribbon planes of our universe makes me feel deliciously small and insigificant. Just outside the blue dome of our fragile atmosphere lies endless twinkling beauty, and as one gazes out there the knee-quaking possibility of Other Life becomes very very plausible.

  6. die riem in de laatste foto is echt liefde!

  7. Bunnyears: Ja he, binnenkort komt hij op Froufrou's te koop te staan!


    Thanks all!

  8. Leuke foto's!
    Ik ben ook een devote National geographic en animal planet kijker :)
    Ik ben echt geen fan van de ruimte programma's en van air crash investigation, de rest vind ik wel leuk. Vooral animal cops (maakt niet uit welke) en rescue ink! Ik zou zelf zo graag bij de dierenpolitie werken om alle arme diertjes te redden!

  9. Ik vind je riem bij het zwarte rokje erg mooi!

  10. "beau blog!, je laisse la mienne pour lui rendre visite à mes créations haute couture

  11. super sweet combi.. jouw bril+hoed! ^___^