Because it's my dearest birthday today! William turned 24 but he's still as sweet as a 2 year old kid, pretty as an 18 year old and wise as a 52 year old. That makes an average of 24. William didn't want any 'toeters en bellen' (don't now the english translating) this birthday so he decided to celebrate it only with the two of us! He just wanted to do simple things he likes the most; drive (William loves to drive in his car) to an unknown destination, visit some thriftstores on the way and eat some good stuff! We did it all and because we had some time left we also visited the Textile Museum in Tilburg. Here are some photo's from the museum!

I also bought some a-a-a-a-amazing vintage stuff! Hope I can show you my picks this week. And I wanted to thank everybody for the sweetest comments I receive on my blog lately, so much fun having this blog and y'all readers! Good night!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Gefeliciteerd met je vriends verjaardag! En ik ben benieuwd naar je vintage aankopen

  2. Gefeliciteerd! Leuk geschreven dat eerste stukje met die leeftijden :P