Here I am, one full page of me in a paper, isn't that super cool!! On Wednesday I picked up some copies at school to look at the result. I like the photo's the photographer took from me although I'm looking a bit scared into the camera. Well it was my first time being in front of the camera! The interview isn't really 'me', I did say most of the things but some are over-dramatized. If you like to read it, click here (Nr 20, page 19). It's about my passion for fashion. Here are the other photo's which weren't used:

Photo's by Fred van Diem

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  1. Wouw, vette foto's! Echt gaaf. Ik hou zoveel van de Comme des Garcons schoenen <3. Maar eigenlijk vind ik de 2e foto het allermooist. (Die Emma Cooks mogen er ook zeker zijn!)

  2. congrats! what fantastic news. i love the white shirt with the cut-away shoulders :)

  3. Heeeel gaaf! Mooie foto's ook! :)


  4. Wat leuk zeg, Super mooie foto's ook!

  5. I've always thought you beautiful and these photos show that, but know it isn't the cloth you wear that makes you so.
    Chic from Alabama, USA