It has been a lovely busy week!
On Monday we send out the Froufrou's newsletter where we announced all the beautiful new shoes in the webshop and we got a lot of nice reactions! From the designer shoes only the Miu Miu heels got sold so if you are interested in the others, they are still there waiting for you ;) If you also want to receive our newsletter, mail me your emailadres and you will be regularly receiving Froufrou's news in your mailbox. (click!)

On tuesday I traveled to Amsterdam with a suitcase full of clothes! Havana, the schoolpaper of my school, asked me to do an interview for their category about people's passion (fashion!). First thing in the morning was getting some photo's taken at the Havana photographer. We shoot two outfits but he is picking one to go with the article. To give you an impression of the outfits; here are some photo's I took the day before. (Excuse the weirdo faces, it was late ;))

After the shoot I went to the Havana headquarters to do the interview. I have never done an interview in my life so it felt like an honour and it was really weird someone being interested in my story, lot of fun! When the paper is out ofcourse I will show it over here! It's a whole page so I'm really excited!

Yesterday and today contained out a lot of work, doing some cleaning and cooking (tonight I made babi pangang with atjar) I hope you had a wonderful week too :)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, the Diana Bobar tutu! I love, love, love. And of course the prada necklace. The fingerless leather gloves are an interesting juxtaposition, but it works.

  2. I like the 2nd look the most :D

    xoxo Sootjeelina

  3. Klinkt als een supertoffe week, hoe leuk dat je werd geïnterviewd.
    Heel leuke outfits trouwens!

  4. Geweldige outfits! Die Prada-ketting is echt prachtig, heel mooi.