Starting with a tour in the Saint Paul's Cathedral and getting some banana cake and coffee in the Cathedrals' crypt's cafe, shopping at Oxford Street, shopping and lunching at Camden Town and dining in Soho in the evening. This day went too fast ..

Day 3 & 4 will follow soon.

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  1. Oh, I want to go to London so badly!

  2. i love london and have visited there 3 times. i was there last christmas/new years eve and had so much fun. your pictures make me miss london very much.

    glad you and your boyfriend are enjoying the city. can't wait for more pictures :)

  3. Ahwww.. thank you!
    I miss London too, we're already planning a trip this spring or summer! Really would like to be there when the weather is getting better. These four days we only had rain, it was freezy cold with the low temperature!

    More pics hopefully today!

    x Leonie

  4. I'm really starting to think that I didn't make the most of London when I was there....

  5. Yeah me too, London is so big and every part is different! I really need to go back soon to see it all!