After my trip with Jeske to Germany (Bodensee) I went for two weeks to France (La Drome) with William and Spencer. We drove a lot (appr. 4000 km) so we have seen like every corner of the Drome. If you have never been to the Drome; it's a region in the south of France next to the Alpes. This vacation contained a lot of mountains, rivers, sun, fun and historic villages. Just how I like it! Here are some photo's Spencer took. I will post some more later (in color)
On top of the world! A skilift brought us to the top of this mountain (1500km), it was steamy hot up here I can tell you. Hard to imagine people are skiing here in wintertime! I was sitting on the edge of a cliff in the grass when suddenly a small tornado attacked me and grabbed my empty water bottle. Really a weird experience. We visited a fleamarket in a small village high up in the mountains.

We found this 'cave-house' somewhere hidden on a mountain, really creepy.

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