Hi everybody! Hope your all well! Fall has officialy started... I don't like it at all, it makes me a little bit sad. Right now it's raining very hard but I'm save and warm inside under my fleece blanket. I bought a big one with sleeves so I can read or type on my laptop without getting cold arms :) This evening my bf took some photo's from my outfit in the dark after a day of hard work! I hope you like them! I'm working on school at the moment, writing an essay about the recognition of fashion bloggers by the fashionindustry. It's a really nice subject to write about but I'm kind of tired writing this essay because I have a lot of other work to do and I feel a little bit stressed. That's why I took a break and started blogging ;) Ooh and some news you readers might share my enthusiasm about! I bought a vintage Chanel 2.55 bag!! It's from the 80's and in a really good state. I'm so in love you can't believe how pretty it is! Will post some photo's soon, promise! Now I leave you with the photo's, have to continue writing my essay ...

Wearing: vintage hat with feathers, sheer glittery vintage sweater, jersey top with roses on the shoulders from Asos, Bright pink skirt from some shop on Ebay, Glittery grey tights (can't see the glitters on the photo's..), Patent lace up booties Charles Jourdan, leather fingerless gloves from Newyorker

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  1. You look great! I'm loving the gloves and the shirt and the skirt and the whole thing, really.

  2. Suzanne: Jaaa die laarsjes zijn zo'n aanwinst! Heb ze afgelopen zomer in één of andere stad gevonden in Frankrijk waar Charles Jourdan schoenen gemaakt werden en waar ook een soort van outlet was. Had ik even mazzel! Kende het merk al van een aantal vintage pumps die ik heb gehad. Deze laarsjes waren liefde op het eerste gezicht! Ik zal binnenkort meer foto's van ze posten want je ziet ze niet zo goed.

    Lexi: Thank you girl!