The week before leaving for a holiday is always a weird period.. You can't wait to leave and start the car but packing bags and finishing all kinds of jobs is always a lot of stress before heading off! Atleast in my experience it's always stressy! Probably because I'm a chaotic and perfectionist. A lot of respect for people who just leave without thinking too much, throw some random clothes in your suitcase and leave everything behind you for a while!

Today I really need to pack my bags for my short trip to Nijmegen (Holland) + Germany but I can't force myself to it. So I decided to make some photo's of my new denim shirt with studs + stars. This shirt is super comfi + easy to wear!

Wednesday I'm heading off to Nijmegen, we are going to party 3 days long with 7 friends and on friday my best friend and I are driving from Nijmegen to the Bodensee (Germany) to stay there a small week. Back in August with new blogs :)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Denim shirts are definitely back in fashion!!i love the overall look btw

  2. die legging achtig ding (sorry voor de benaming) is echt heel gaaf! en super mooie pumps.

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  4. I really thought I was tired of ripped leggings... but, man - yours look awesome!