I don't know how it is possible with global warming but it is freezing cold in Holland! My dad told me it is getting -20 °C tonight, brrr. When did that ever happen in Holland, can't remember I ever experienced that in my life! That's why my earmuffs get a lot of wear recently, love them so much! This photo was taken on the 1th of January when I was in Vlissingen. I went on a short vacation with my friends (including boyfriend) to Zeeland. We have spend new year's eve overthere etc, more photos and stories will follow. For now I leave you with the earmuffs! (mine and from a cute girl on Dropsnap)

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  1. You've been tagged,check out my blog)

  2. I love your earmuffs! It was one of the things I asked my friends for my birthday, but sadly they could only find really ugly childish ones (so they didn't buy them). Where did you buy yours?

  3. I got mine for Christmas from my mother! She bought them in a little shop where they sell hats etc
    I've never seen these somewhere else unfortunately!
    One day you will find your perfect ones too :D