I got some new photo's to show you from one of the three shoots I told you about! I did the styling together with Roos Slot, a girl I met last year while I did the minor at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. It was really nice to work with her for this photoshoot, we had a fun time and we had the same ideas about the styling. The photographer, Peter Kaldeway, had to do the shoot for a schoolassignment; making a setcard for a model. This means we had to create 5 different looks to make it a varied setcard. Roos and I thought this would be a nice challenge for us to create 5 different looks within one day! The name of the model is Florentine Scheffer, she is signed at Salva Models. I think she deserves some big compliments because she was ill at the day of the shoot. Also a lot of respect for the make-up artist Annelies van Oosterum and hairstylist Hanneke Visser whom created 5 different looks in one day! Reminding that normally one looks takes more then 2 houres.

The first shot we did was the natural shot, which you can see on the bottom of this post. No styling needed, just clean.

The second shot is the bikini photo, the one you can see above this text. We wanted to make it a little bit 'Moschino' with some fun details. I'm not totally sure about the bikinipants she is holding, wasn't my idea actually.

After two studio shots we went outside to the IJ (canal through Amsterdam). Florentine had to overcome the freezing cold. You can see the photo here..

Then we went to the 'West Indie Huis', it's an old building in the center of Amsterdam which has a lot old details and nice antique interieur.

And the last 'dark' photo was taken under the bridge!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. VERY NICE styling! the character's soo different from one another!

  2. Thank you PAM! That means our mission is completed :D

  3. Mooi gedaan. Doe zo voort zou ik zeggen :-)

  4. Goede foto's, vooral die met de antieke touch & onder de brug. Helaas zie je wel echt dat ze ziek is.