This summer I went to the South of France for 2 weeks with my boyfriend William, my bestfriend Louise and my boyfriends best friend Spencer. After we came back in August I promised to post some photo's of all our adventures, I never did it because we had so many photo material and all the time I couldn't find time to sort everything. After 4 months I can finally show you the photo's! I won't post them all in once, too much in one post. So here is part 1, the part where you can see what I wore this vacation. It is absolutely not interesting because I was dressing laid back and casual because of the heath and the long trips we made. Next time some more! (if you like to see it, it's not fashion after all) *Oops yesterday I wrote this by coincidence in Dutch, will translate it now:* PS: from now on it is possible to follow my blog with Bloglovin, I think it is a very usefull tool to keep updated with your favourite blogs: Click!

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