Autumn beauty

This summer my dad has build a new part to our house that will be our new living room. It's really great to have more space in the house and it is such a peaceful place because now we have big glass windows and look out over our garden and the neighbour's land. On the picture above you can see the view to the neighbour. He is living alone in the small house you can see hiding behind the beautiful tree. The little concrete house is one of a few which are standing on his land. These houses are really old and used to be to keep the chickens. Now he uses them for storage, no chickens anymore. He always uses his land to plant tulips so in spring we have the greatest view, a whole field with colorful flowers! Now it looks very pretty too with the big yellow colored tree. Today I worked all day in our new living room, it isn't finished yet, that means there still is a concrete floor, a lot of building materials everywhere and the walls are still showing the isolation material. But that doesn't matter, I've got a chair, table and this great view, don't need anything more!

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