Cecilia Sörensen

Cecilia Sörensen is a Finnish-born fashion designer currently living and working in Barcelona. I'd like to show you a video made for her latest collection:

Making a video that creats a kind of ambiance around your collection is a great way for a designer to present the clothes! You aren't only selling clothing like this but also a feeling. Très importante!
The story behind the video:
¨Centred around Eva, the alter-ego of designer Cecilia Sörensen, ¨Inside Out¨ takes a step into dreamlike fantasia. Based around Sorensen’s latest collection, itself inflamed by historic images of her ancestor’s garments, this short spans out an Alice in Wonderland-style dreamscape of muse and inspiration where anything and everything is possible.The video was presented at the London Fashion Week and in Showstudio¨

Some more Cecilia:

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