A photoshoot with butterflies, birds and flowers

I got some new styling work to show you!
I did this photoshoot with photographer Ron de Wildt, Model Jaquemijn (I worked earlier with her, remember?), MUA Hanneke de Hertog, and photographer Jimmy van Ommeren who assisted us.

We really wanted to shoot outside because I wanted to create a 'Romantic, Nature' ambiance that couldn't be managed in the studio.The weather acted really strange that day: rain, sun, dark clouds, rain, sun etc so we didn't know what to do: stay in the studio or take a risk and move outside with all the stuff and people. I'm happy we DID took that risk, because the moment we started the cars the sun began to shine and didn't stop shining for a while.
I had 4 outfits, but in the end we shooted 3 outfits and only 2 were photoshopped by de photographer. But I will show you the original photo's from the third outfit, because I did like them, too bad the photographer didn't ;)

Jacquemijn is laying in a vintage pram, I was able to borrow it from my mom's friend. The dress is a vintage wedding dress I found at the thriftstore. The butterflies are from 'Action' a cheap shop in the Netherlands where you can buy anything.

I didn't know which I like more so I'm showing you the colored and b/w version. I made this hat myself from an old lamp shade; added some flowers and butterflies. The dress is vintage and she wears it backwards, I liked the buttons too much to hide them.
Some more..
Btw Firefox is messing up the colors of the photo's. It looks better at my laptop.

On the left you can see the last shot.
I also added the third outfit pictures, mind that these are the unedited shots. I wanted to give a little humoristic twist to this outfit, she is carrying a bird cage but the bird isn't in his cage but on her hat. Bird & cage are both from the garden center. I ordered a big crow
at Ebay to put on the hat but it didn't arrive before the shoot so I hat to do it with a little bird. The hat is from the thrifstore. The lace top is actually a body, I love it! The layered skirt is a Miu Miu. Belt & platform shoes are vintage.

Here are some photo's made during the shoot:

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Leonie,

    Wow...I'm so crazy to your work..it is brilliant! I love the lace top and miu miu dress..They just mix perfectly well^^ and the vintage wedding dress which I'm so desperate to have it so so nice....Oh I wish I can get more money then buy it but when can I dress it I'm still wondering...hahahahaha~~~ keep up your great work

  2. Jaja de action is nog wel ergens goed voor.
    Vooral dat witte outfitje vind ik echt geweldig!

  3. Thank you all, very sweet!

    Jeske: echt he haha ik vind Action echt een toffe winkel

  4. Great work girl!i adore this hat. your mind is extremely creative!)

  5. these are lovely, love the hat you made! where is the 'action shop' in holland? i would like to pay it a visit!

  6. haha it's a really cheap shop situated in almost every Dutch town I guess! Sometimes they've got some really funny things to be creative with. This is the website: http://www.action.nl
    Doesn't look that creative though ;)