Red coat

When I saw this picture from Piksi a while ago I started to crave for a red coat. And now it happens a lot when I'm going outside that my mind thinks: "All my coats are so boring, I need a red one to cheer up my outfit!".
(I guess that is the sick mind of a shopaholic)

The story of the red coat continues:
Last tuesday I went shopping with my two bestfriends after we had a chique hightea in a restaurant (we had a lot of fun there because we aren't that chique haha) Louise on the left and Jeske on the right

With our bellies fully filled with sandwiches, quiche, pie and tea we first went to the H&M because I needed to look for the maxi dress. (the day before they didn't have my size and I still wasn't able to find it in the online shop). Again I wasn't lucky because they only had a lot big sizes left. But then I got destracted by this red spring coat. It is simple but fun! And only 30 euro's. But I didn't buy it because they didn't have my size!

This morning I received an email from H&M that they had a little sale in the online shop. And there I found my red coat for only 17,90 euro! Then I realised that there was a discountcode from 50% so that means that I bought it for 8,45 euro's!
What a day!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. that's cheap! And your friend has the same name as I have

  2. Yes I already mentioned that :D
    I told my friend Jeske the other day, have you ever met somebody with the same name? She said: No never!
    So I told her about the girl on my blog, you!
    The first time you made a comment here I thought it was her haha because it is not a common name.

  3. Yes i now a couple of people with the same name. 2 friends of me have a sister that's called Jeske and an other girl i know is also called Jeske, but they are all younger than I am... and one of them is called Jeske after her parents heard my name. And they liked it (their other kids had names with a J two) so they called their daugther Jeske.

  4. Ok! It is a nice and original name :)
    But that's funny because Jeske her 3 brothers names are also all 3 starting with a J!