Wearing my lace look legging twice

Yesterday ... And today.. As you can see I'm wearing almost the same today. That's because I'm at my bf's house and I don't have that much clothing with me. Yesterday I went to school and today just staying at home working on my webshop.

That's it for now!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. My opinion is: With the scarf is a bit too much. But with the green cardigan and belt is just perfect!

  2. Yeah maybe you are right ;)
    it was just a quick discission in the morning because I needed a scarf and rush to the bus haha

  3. Ik vind eigenlijk de outfit met de sjaal het leukste. De 2 verschillende prints samen storen mij echt niet!

  4. Het shawltje is echt supermooi.

    Als het kan, zou je mijn link trouwens kunnen aanpassen? Er staat Fasion i.p.v. Fashion ;)

  5. Aah ja ik zie het wat stom, heb het meteen veranderd!

  6. I love the scarf - the colors are so cheerful.

  7. the lace leggings are so pretty, I like the first outfit alot!

    where did you get leggings like that?

  8. Hi girl behind something picasso,
    thank you, I got the lace leggings from a dutch auction site so I guess they are pretty old ;)
    But they are from the brand Lili Crepon (never heard of it before)
    I like your blog a lot, never seen it before! I'm going to add it to my favorites :)
    And would you like to swap links?
    x Leonie