A night out in Alkmaar

Saturday night I had a birthday party and afterwards I went out with Louise in Alkmaar (the city where I live). Alkmaar isn't really a fashionable city, so when you go clubbing you won't find a lot spectacular dressed people. It always looks like it is a local sport to dress as sober as possible and just not stand out of the crowd, please don't dress up, hell no, people will look at you! I'm not playing their game so I always dress the way I am and sometimes I like to overdo it a bit more when I'm going for a night out. It is just fun. This saturday I wore this dress and necklace with black boots and tights and a white quilted chainbag. (It was freezing cold and snowing so I decided to leave the heels at home) We went to a small club called Atlantis, it is the only place here where you can go out without people staring at you when you dress weird or dance like a freak. The crowd is really chill overthere.

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  1. Oh i like the funny guy =P

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  4. wow u looked great!
    i have the same problem!!
    u done a great job!
    if you check out blog I recently posted a simular post to this a few posts down :)

  5. Thank you Adele!
    I'm going to check out your post right now :) You made me curios haha

  6. oeh, hier ga ik elke week zowat heen ;) leuke tent he! :D

  7. Ja he! Ongeveer de enige leuke uitgaansgelegenheid in Alkmaar. Ik schrok trouwens wel toen ik laatst hoorde dat de Atlantis dicht zou gaan :s Maar ik weet niet of die plannen nog doorgaan?

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