My cravings for spring

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  1. Die blouse met strik is heel mooi! Van welk merk is deze als je dat weet?

  2. ja he, hij is van zara kelly, word verkocht op
    weet niet of ze hem nu nog hebben, volgens mij alleen nog maar een paar maten!

  3. Ohh, the mouseflas are really cool. I want them, right nooow :)

  4. Ik ben gaan kijken, maar ze hebben hem niet meer. Toch bedankt voor de tip!

  5. Ah, van wishlists word ik altijd zó hebberig!
    En bij de H&M hebben ze nu kennelijk een mooie floral dress, als je de blog van de Moderniteter girls checkt, zie je dat Olivia een floral dress daar heeft gekocht! En hijs leuk :).

    Dat goudachtige jurkje is ook erg lief !

  6. haha I get your feeling ;)
    Ik had het jurkje van Moderniteter idd gezien, is een lieverdje maar ik denk dat ik er toch eentje zoek die wat grotere bloemen heeft ..
    mm ik ben te kieskeurig haha

  7. the rose earrings are divine! i think ur spring cravings will soon become mine too!
    p.s.check out my blog sometime!

  8. yes! I'd love to swap links with you :) I'll add you right away...

    oh and I really like your wishlist, I have been lusting after those Marc by Marc flats ever since they came out in 2006, I believe?

  9. Cool! thanks

    yes I know, they are so cute, maybe when I have some more money available I will check out for some secondhand pairs on ebay!

  10. fashionistakay:
    sorry forgot to answer you!
    hahah they are ;)
    Your blog is really nice, do you want to swap links?

  11. Die h&m jurk is echt prachtig! Ik zag hem niet online staan nog helaas..

    Andere dingen zijn ook leuk!

  12. oeh ik heb die fleur de lis jeans van R&R erg mooi zijn ze :D

  13. So, this is a little random and feel free to discard this comment. But I have those mouse flats (fakes, bought in China) and if you feel like you might want them (size 7US, 37 euro), I'll send them for the price of shipping... I've never worn them outside, I bought them because they're so super cute, but then it got cold and I remembered I hate slingbacks. They look pretty nice, but I want to get rid of them and it'd be great if they went to someone who'd wear them happily.....

  14. Ha! I just realized I'm also getting rid of a pair of those rock and republic jeans (also fake), but the back pocket detail is more red than gold/tan like the ones in your picture... so many fakes, I can't help it! I've been in China for years! not possible to get real ones where I live.

  15. Susan! Are you mad :o That's so sweeeet. I would love to have your jeans and MJ flats although they are China production haha
    Can you tell me the size of the jeans?
    The flats are maybe to small for me but I'd like to give it a try and otherwise I would know other people with smaller feet who would be really happy to wear them.
    Maybe I can email you? That's easier talking :)

    Thank you thaaank you and big hugs from the Netherlands
    - Léonie

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