Friday night

I tried to make a picture of myself in this black dress so you could see the details on the neckline. It always looks a little bit weird when photographing yourself so I decided it would be better to change this photo in Photoshop so it would look a little bit more arty.
I wore this last friday, it is not really special but I did liked the idea to wear my white H&M shoes with a black dress and black tights. (chique and sporty at the same time)
I went dining with Oi-ting, a good friend who I didn't see for a long time! I really had some fun and we did a lot of gossiping so it was good to see her again. I ordered a tasty seafood salad and Oi-ting had fries with a hamburger.
I'm really into long big blazers so I worn my vintage one as a coat this friday.

This was an attempt to photograph my make-up but you can't see it because it is to dark

2 opmerkingen:

  1. That heart blazer in the middle is pippin' awesome.

    & I like the sporty chic going on in your outfit :)