Valentine's Day outfit

I still had to post yesterday's outfit!
I wore my H&M Jodhpurs with my leather jacket and my
Ushanka hat. It was a cold and grey day so it was the perfect outfit to keep me warm while shopping at Arnhem. My boyfriend was fitting some pants at H&M so I took some pictures in the fitting room. (as you can see he looks like 'what the f*ck?')

Good news: I finally found some geek/granny glasses at H&M. (will show them soon!) And I bought white comfortable sneakers because my feet were hurting a lot in my knock off Louboutin Bruges. So I switched shoes during the day.

I had a good Valentine's Day (how can Valentine's Day be bad when you have a real sweetheart as a boyfriend?) I got a big bag with sweets, 3 cans bubbletea and 1 bottle aloevera juice from William. He really knows what I like! Yummy! He couldn't wait to give it to me so we already ate it all on the evening before Valentine while watching a movie in bed. (how cosy)
My present for William was to cook his favorite meal (thai chicken noodle soup) As you can see we like food a lot; give us food as a present and we are happy :p

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