Today wearing my Diana Bobar

A few months ago I bought this beautiful green bolero from Diana Bobar one of my favorite bloggers on the net! She is a starting fashion designer from Romania. I adore her for her endless creativity and sweet personality.

When I saw this bolero on her site I really needed to have it, I fell in love with the color and pleats. When it arrived at my home it was even more beautiful than I thought it would be. I wear it a lot but never had the time to make a good outfit picture, so finally here it is!

Thank you Diana, one day you will be really famous!

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  1. This bolero is too nice!!!really fashion!!!I love that kind of green!!! :) And especially,I have to tell you that your shoes are marvellous!!!I love them!! :) kisses,Vic!!!
    PS:In my blog,now,there are your photos of Victoria Beckham,you were really nice to allow me to put them on!!!thank you!!!

  2. truestar: dankje!

    victoriah: you are so sweet! thank you
    yeah, I already saw them on you blog, like it!

  3. Yes me too! I want to buy more from her but I have to save some money :-(
    I have another dress and a belt from her! I'm going to use it for a photoshoot.

  4. you are way to sweet!!! I love to see you wearing it, but mostly wearing it in the most perfect way ever: with an all black outfit to put the spotlight on the bolero and with what look to be perfect red patent Prada shoes.
    You rock! Hugs and kisses!
    Oh, I can't wait to see the photoshoot!

  5. Hey girl!!
    Thank you :-D
    I'm glad you like the way I combined it otherwise I would be very ashamed for messing up your design haha
    The shoot has to wait for a while :(
    It used to be this monday but the photographer went through his back (I don't know if this is good english)
    So he can't work until he feels better. Really stupid!
    I'll let you know when I've got the pics!
    Ooh and I will send you an email soon because my shop is almost ready, finally :D

  6. Wow, that's just gorgeous! It looks really great!
    Love the shoes aswell!

  7. Isn't Diana amazing? I have 2 pieces by her. That bolero is unlike anything I've ever seen, so pretty!

  8. ah! i have a diana bobar dress!
    she's awesome

    i'm moving to germany... will of course, go to holland... can't miss it!

  9. I saw it, it looks really pretty on you! I have another dress and a belt from Diana :D I want more!

    Ooh I understand it, I didn't read it good. I thought you only went to Europe to travel! ;)
    So that is a big step! Good luck and if you need tips when you are coming to Holland, contact me ;)

  10. hey, leuke blog
    oh a diana design! she is so talented

  11. Goeieavond, dankje!
    En inderdaad, volgens mij wordt ze nog eens een wereldwijd bekende designer.