Script, fashion and interiour from salon to house.

A while ago I went to Utrecht to the Central Museum Utrecht for the exhibition Script; fashion and interiour from salon to house.
At home I did some research on the internet about the exhibition, it looked really fun so I had high expectations. I went there together with my mom so we could shop in Utrecht afterwards and make it a real mother-daughter day.

When we entered the museum I already heard loud basses coming from the music playing in the first room from the exhibition. It was the eighties room; leather, bustiers, fringes, airbrushed denim and disco! A lot Vivienne Westwood clothing, I especially liked the ruffled blouse and the bustier with fringes. Together with the pink and green light projections on the wall it created a funky eighties ambience.

The next rooms presentend the earlier periods of fashion/interiour. It was nice to see the old clothing together with the vintage furniture. It is just much more exciting to see something in it's context. All the dresses were really beautiful, the details and old material looked really impressive. Overall I liked this exhibition but it was a little bit small. When we saw everything we were a little bit dissapointed that there wasn't more to see.


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  1. Utrecht looks beautiful. The exhibition looks really interesting too. I wish there were exhibits like that in Toronto.

    (I thought I commented on this post, but I guess I got distracted when I went to google Utrecht!)

  2. haha
    Utrecht is really beautiful! Maybe even more beautiful than Amsterdam. It has a total different ambience, less crazy drugs tourists ;)