Wearing the earmuffs

It was a quiet day today because I couldn't hear that much; I wore my earmuffs! It was also a quiet day because I didn't do a lot useful things: I picked up a dress at the thriftstore I need for a photoshoot I'm doing soon (a big puffy ruffled dress!). After leaving this thriftstore we continued to another because we weren't done shopping yet. I bought a few things there (maybe I will take some pics later). Then my boyfriend decided we needed to visit H&M too, I coudn't resist that offer so we drove to the city. I took a picture of myself in the mirror on the mens departement of H&M as you can see. I also went to Zara to look at the sale items. There I bought another pair banana heels! (only 30 euro's in sale gnagna)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuke outfit. De oorwarmers doen et em echt!

  2. great! You have black tights i put them to my hommage ;)

  3. I've just tagged you. More details here:

  4. De eurwurmers zijn echt tof!

    Enne, de eerstvolgende keer als ik mijn log update zal ik je linkje erbij zetten hoor! :D