A true fairytale in Kassel - Germany

My minor Visual Culture at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute has ended this week so I'm free for 6 months now! Finally some rest, the last few weeks were a little bit too busy for me.
I also passed my assesment last week! So I felt really happy and 'free' this weekend.
A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I planned a trip to Germany for this weekend so this trip was a good way to celibrate that my minor ended good.
We went to Kassel, a city with a rich history.
First we visited this castle at Wilhelmshöhe, it was really beautiful. Check the pictures! (the 3 in the middle of the collage aren't mine) Then we went shopping in Kassel!
It isn't really a big shopping city but it was good for the little time we had. There was a good sale at Zara so I bought a nice blouse and blazer, I will show them later with my other latest buys.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. How lovely! I love the old historic cities of Germany, in America nothing ever feels truly ancient. Congrats on finishing your minor.

  2. First of all, congratulations on ending your minor!!!

    Kassel looks like a really great place to go to! I love to combine history and shopping ;)

  3. The clothes horse:
    Ooh really is that true? Yes I guess Europe is 'older' then America right?
    You have got the cowboys & Indian's history :p
    And thank you!

    Yes it is a great combination!
    I also wanted to go to a fleamarket but when we arrived they already packed there stuff :p