Jeans Expo Haarlemmerstraat Amsterdam

"During the Amsterdam Fashion Week there is a jeans Expo which takes place at the Haarlemmerstraat. Ten Dutch designers, with all different cultural backgrounds, are going to customize a Kuyichi jeans which is inspired on their cultural context. Visitors can see these ten jeans during the Fashion Week, from the 20th till the 25th of January, which are exposed in ten different shopping windows at the Haarlemmerstraat. During the jeans Expo you can bring out an offer on YOUR favorite jeans. The bidding starts at €50,-. At the end of the week the highest bidders are invited for a drink. The highest bidders receive their jeans and a goodiebag of Kuyichi. The profits goes to the charity foundation OneMEn. OneMen supports small-scale projects in several countries. IN SHORT; This is a UNIQUE chance for getting a pair of jeans in your possession of upcoming designers! The designers who participate are Merel Boers (the Netherlands), Ursula Pelt (peru), Helina Guleria (India), Jordi Satoor the Rootas (Indonesia), Karim Batoun (Morocco), Sherida Augustin (Surinam), Robin Parr (USA), Ramiro Koeiman (Antilles), Uli Rapp (Germany) and Roya Hesam (Afghanistan)."

Yesterday I went to Amsterdam to check all the stores of the Vintage Hunt. Just to see if they hung up the posters with the questions etc. I went with my mother so we both had a nice day out. We also went to the Jeans Expo in the Haarlemmerstraat! A few of my classmates organised this Expo for the Fashion Week just like we organised the Vintage Hunt. It was really fun to see all the customized jeans hanging in the shopping windows. I liked most of the designs but not all were my taste. I didn't like the graffiti-jeans (just too gangsta for me and it is all done before) and the jeans with the fishes and clouds looked like a bad Fake London rip-off. I really like the customized jeans from Sherida Augustin! So I made a bid of 75€ on the jeans. I guess there will be a lot more bidders this week but if I'm a lucky bastard and nobody else makes a bid on this pair of jeans I will show them on my blog ofcourse! I like this ethnic print garment combined with the jeans and the baggy-ness of it. The tied trouser is a really cool detail. Really would love to wear it!

Some of the other jeans:
Don't mind the bad picture quality, forgot to bring my cam so I used my phone.

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