Django Steenbakker - Amsterdam Fashion Week

Last sunday I went to a runway show from the Amsterdam Internation Fashion Week (AIFW).
I had two tickets so me and my boyfriend couldn't be lazy after the Kassel-trip but instead we had to get up early (around noon haha) so we could go to the runway show which started at 3 pm.

The show was held at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, it featured clothes of Django Steenbakker; the winner of the Dutch version of Project Runway, which is called Project Catwalk. (remember? )
William and I were excited to see what he would come up with since we both watched the show.

Leaving Arnhem at 1 o'clock we drove off to Amsterdam and arrived at around half past 2. Half an hour before the show would start. It was pretty crowded in the lobby with all sorts of people. Some celebs, some wellknown fashion people, other contestants of the Project Catwalk-show and suprisingly a lot of parents with fashionable little kids.
Her you can see Regilio Tuur (boxer) making a picture of Silvana Simons (tvshow host) and his daughter, Georgina Verbaan (actress), Joshua (Project Catwalk designer) and Mariana Verkerk (queen of the catwalk). Other famous Dutch people that were also present but I couldn't photograph: fashiondesigners Percy Irausquin and Frans Molenaar, actress Inge Ipenburg and two other Project Catwalk contestants Marlies and Djanice. (this part isn't really interesting if you're not from Holland, I'm sorry ;) )
It was a little bit dissapointing what people were wearing. I was expecting a lot of people who dressed up for this but it seemed that people were just wearing regular sunday-clothes. I guess this has to do with Dutch sober mentality. We had a good view of who was in and who were coming from the inside balcony. The show didn't start until around half past 3, half an hour later than planned. I read later that it was because of guests that weren't on time. Anyhow we all went inside to the seats and the catwalk and took our appointed seats. A panoramic shoot of the whole room/hall just before the show started: When they turned up the music really loud the show began! William made a short movie from the beginning of the show (he is apologizing for the bad quality and for the fact that you have to turn your head 90 degrees) I really love this song so watch the movie just to hear the music!

Here are the 10 looks that Django showed: (pictures aren't all mine) I think his show was really good for a 'beginner' and because he only had a few weeks to create all this he amazed me. His designs weren't innovating (some things looked a little bit too Prada) or 'Haute Couture' but they were really Django. I would love to wear his designs. I enjoyed his show a lot, thank you Django! Hope to see you you showing on the next Fashion Week again.
A happy Django!

And this is what we wore this beautiful Sunday:
The goodies:

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