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When I'm looking for something in an online shop I always get distracted by all the other nice stuff in the shop I really don't need! Today for example I was looking for a nice dress and hat for a photoshoot I'm doing soon. I checked out a lot of vintage shops. For a few minutes I really searched for what I needed but then I wandered off to the shoes, bags and tops section. (bad bad!) In the end I wasn't searching for the dress and hat anymore I just went through all the pages looking for nice stuff. Most of the time when this happens I also want to buy a lot and all the baskets on the websites are totally filled with my picks. It's really a bad habbit but when I realize I can't buy it all, most of the time I just close the website and buy nothing, problem solved!
Above you can see some of the items I liked while searching the web.
My picks are from:,, and

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  1. hey
    I love your blog!!
    i was wondering if you know any dutch
    website (holland only) for vintage clothes or only shops?

  2. Thank you Nance!
    Ofcourse, here is my list:

    mmm I thought I new more dutch vintage shops but I can't find them anymore.
    But soon my own shop will be online
    x Leonie

  3. thanks so much!!
    ive already ordered some stuff hoping they turn out good
    i cant wait for your shop to open that would be amazing
    keep up the good blogging

  4. Your welcome!
    I hope you like your ordered stuff, buying some christmas presents for yourself? haha. I bought too much christmas presents for myself this year haha very bad.
    When my shop is online I will write about it on my blog and I hope you come shopping ;)
    Have a nice christmas!
    x Leonie

  5. haha yes i got some nice earrings
    Merry christmas to you to
    and of course i will =D

  6. Wauw leuk!
    Kan je mij misschien uitleggen hoe je zo'n printje doet als achtergrond?

  7. Hey Shier!
    ik weet niet of ik het je vanaf hier wel goed kan uitleggen :)
    Je moet namelijk wel wat verstand hebben van html/css!
    Dus als je dat hebt:
    Dit stukje css moet je plakken in het deel van je blog waar je het achtergrondje wilt hebben. En dan natuurlijk de link vervangen door de achtergrond die jij graag wilt hebben.
    Gaat dat lukken denk je? ;)
    xx Leonie

  8. There are some great pieces from the vintage site you listed :)

  9. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  10. I haven't a comment, i want to say "Hi" :-)

  11. I love Very nice stuff.

    Nice blog! Would you be interested in exchanging links?

  12. Heey meis. Idd mooie dingen zeg, ik ken t probleem van te veel mooie dingen tegenkomen die je niet kan kopen! ;)

    Ik wens je alvast een heel gelukkig, gezond en gezellig 2008 toe!
    Liefs! X

  13. Hi Meri! ;) haha your a sweety!

    Kristin: I would love to!
    I just added your blog to my link-list, thanks!

    Mila: ja he!! Maar ik moet toegeven dat ik de zonnebril in het plaatje wel heb gekocht haha erg he.
    Ik wens al het zelfde en dan nog 10 keer meer voor jou in het nieuwe jaar ;)