Made in Holland

It is like Vermeer painted me don't you think so? ;)

On this beautiful sunny sunday I played tourist in own country! On the east of Alkmaar (my hometown) there are several cute little villages in the vast dutch landscape and ofcourse a lot of windmills and farms! I have to admit Holland can be a really pretty country! But the problem is that I see it everyday so in the end it is losing it's charm to me. Today I could really appreciate the beauty of our tiny country, it was just a relaxing sunday without the worries of working days. Now I had the time to enjoy it!

I wore my new cotton coat/cardigan with ruffles! Really love the puffiness effect it has caused by the ruffles. It is not really a warm coat but today it felt good.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. oh oh great, everybody has the same tights like me. Maybe all people know the swedish guys hennes and mauritz :D

  2. Have they got these tights at the mens section of H&M? :o

    I got mine from Action!