The Lagerfeld-look

It's been a while ago since I posted on my blog because I was very busy with school but now I'm back; I have got two of weeks vacation! Finally a little bit rest although I have to learn a lot for of exams and finish our project for the Amsterdam Fashion Week (tell you more about this project later!)

This was my outfit from yesterday, my last day at school! (Again with THE skirt ...)

8 opmerkingen:

  1. You're photos are always so funny! I like your shirt on the outfitphoto!

  2. cute en grappige zonnebril!;-)

  3. leukk!
    op welke school zit jij eigenlijk?

  4. Dankje Tara!
    Ik zit op de Hogeschool van Amsterdam, doe nu een minor op het Amsterdam Fashion Institute maar officieel doe ik de opleiding Interactieve Media.
    Zit jij dan toevallig ook op de HvA?

  5. Thank you Nisa Risa Perisacooper (long name!)

    Liset: Jaaa goed geraden haha