Django Steenbakker wins Project Catwalk!

In Holland we also had a version of the tv-format Project Catwalk. Every monday evening I was stucked to the tv because it was kind of exciting. On the 10th of December was the big finale of the show and the winner was Django! He was not my favorite from the beginning but his finale collection was amazing! One of his prices was a spread in the dutch Elle so when the Elle fell on my doormat I immediately went through all the pages to look how this spread worked out. I didn't like the cheap decor where the models were standing in but I still liked the clothes! Especially the dress on the left: gorgeous! I made some pictures for my blog to show you Django's collection for Project Catwalk and as you can see I did some cropping to get rid of the boring entourage :p
Django is showing his first 'real' collection on Amsterdam Fashion Week! I'm really curious :)

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  1. In het begin vond ik Django ook niet de beste, maar de eindcollectie was echt fantastisch! Dat linkerjurkje is idd cute en die zilveren glitterblouse vind ik ook cool:)
    Kan niet wachten om zijn "echte" collectie te zien bij de Amsterdam Fashion Week!!