Christmas presents and purchases

Happy New Year to y'all!

The holidays were really relaxing and fun for me!
On the first day of christmas we stayed in Arnhem at the house of my parents in law, we had dinner and we opened a lot of presents.
On the second day of christmas boyfriend and I drove to my parents house in Alkmaar. We also ate a lot (gourmet!) and then again: presents! Thank you Santa! You didn't have to spoil us that much.
And last night; New Years Eve! We didn't celibrate it that big, just chilling at home! (in Arnhem) We bought a few roman candles, spinning bees and rockets to blast ourselves into the new year!
I just love christmas and new years eve! Too bad it is already over now :(

First I will show you some of my presents I got:
Classic black ladies hat with a bow. I got this beauty from my uncle for Sinterklaas! (Sinterklaas is a Dutch feast on the 5th of december, it's like a rip off from Santa Claus!)
The story behind this hat was really funny: my uncle told me he was bidding on something on Marktplaats (a Dutch auction website) and when he was looking to the other items the seller sold, he saw this hat. Then he saw my name standing in the list of
bidders so he presumed this was me bidding on it (because I like vintage stuff). When he picked up his Marktplaats purchase he also bought the hat for me! On the 5th of december my uncle walked into our house with the hat and he asked me if I was bidding on this hat. So I was like: huh? hat? bidding? Marktplaats?
It is really sweet of my uncle!! Thank you Klaas (it is my uncles name) or maybe I should call you SinterKlaas? ;)

I got these white furry earmuffs from my parents for Christmas! They were on my wishlist for a long time but I never could find a nice pair! Apparently my mother knows the right spots fur such kind of things. She really found a perfect one!

This beautiful vintage Ushanka hat is a present from my boyfriend! I really like it and it is very comfortable for the winter. When it is freezing cold I can do the flaps down along my ears.

Code, it's a dutch magazine about streetfashion. Always nice for inspiration and for my big magazine collection. I got it from my parents!

And these are my last purchases of the year 2007:
(I did a lot of thrift-shopping, I ordered two things on the online shop from H&M and some other finds!)

Red sunglasses from Yes, I did buy something from the "vintage finds-collage" I made (bad girl!) Haven't received them yet, I can't wait!

Warm scarf from Xenos, just cheap & nice.

Golden flats from Kruidvat. They are really comfortable and soft, like house slippers!

The big black puffy pants from H&M! I think these are the most perfect pants for the new season. Maybe it's because I'm an addict of voluminous-puffy-balloon clothing I don't know. Also the fact that it is a high waisted model with a big bow makes it perfect for me. I still have to receive it but when it arrived I definitely will wear it a lot.

Another great pair of pants I ordered at H&M!
Love these wide leg pants-trend! The bow is ofcourse a nice detail.

I found my favorite skirt in rust colour too! It was only 10 euro's in sale so I couldn't resist. I'm going to make my own photo's soon (this picture is from somebody else!)

Now I bought this skirt I needed to have matching earrings ;) The colours don't look the same but they are matching in real life!

Vintage necklace with all kind of beads. It has really nice colors and shapes!

Green Jophurs from H&M Trend. I wanted these pants so badly and now I found them! I still have to make some pictures wearing them. (picture is borrowed so this is not me)

Long red double breasted blazer from the thriftstore. Going to use it as a coat when it is not that cold outside. Can't wait to wear this!

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  1. Die jodphur broek van H&M is echt te gek :). En heb vandaag ook de Code gekocht. Morgen effe lekker lezen!

    Nice boughts and presents.

  2. I want a pair of earmuffs since forever!!!

  3. I really like the sunglasses, the rustbrown skirt and the puffy black pants!!

    Jodphurs can look really great, but too bad I really can't wear cuz I looks so weird!!


  4. If you are looking for something vintage really cool you have to check the Beryll's belts out!
    They are from the 1st World War and they are limited edition!
    they are awesome!
    see for yourself: