Are you a herd animal?

I want to show you another assignment I did for school, it was for the subject Visual design.
We had to make a 'fashion statement' in Amsterdam!
We thought it would be fun to tell the people in Amsterdam that almost everybody is a herd animal. That means; almost everybody wears the same! We wanted to confront people with this fact and tell them that it is much cooler if you do your own thing once in a while and do not follow the crowd!

With this idea in mind we needed to think of a way to visualise this concept.
After a lot of thinking we decided it would be best to make posters and hang them in a bus/tram stop because this is a place where people are standing still and they are forced to look at it because they are bored. We thought the Leidscheplein would be a cool place because it is a really crowded spot in Amsterdam.
Now we had to design the poster! To make our point we wanted to use the photo's we made from herd animals on the street.We made a division between photo's with people wearing skinny jeans and photo's with people wearing Converse All stars. Then we lined them up to have this cool repeating-effect. To litteraly visualise that people with skinny jeans and Allstars are herd animals we turned their heads into cowheads!
We printed 18 A3 posters and filled one A10 Abri with it. So we had 9 posters with skinnyjeans-people and 9 with Allstar-people, but one of the 18 also had a big cow on it which said: "Are you a herd animal too?"All togheter it looked like one big A10 poster.

The reactions of people were really cool, here are some pictures: And also nice to mention: we received an 8 for this assignment!

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