What am I wearing today?

There's been few posts lately, but I've been too busy with all kind of things for school and my own projects. I really don't like that I don't have the time to write for my blog because it is one of the things I like the most. Blogging is a kind of relaxation for me ;)

Tomorrow I'm doing another photoshoot with my model Cham! She managed to find a very good photographer and make-up artist.
And she asked me for the styling :D
The photographer has done some things for Guess, TiSento and Otazu so I'm really excited how our photo's are going to work out!
I'll keep you updated!

The report and the photo's from the other shoot I did last month are going to be here online soon! I'm sorry it is taking so long, I'm just to busy... :(

For now I just post my today's outfit:
- Black short jacket (from little shop in Amsterdam)
- Darkgreen longsleeve (Vero Moda)
- Grey wool pants (Thriftstore)
- Vintage bag (thriftstore)
- Vintage shoes (Marktplaats)
- Fingerless gloves (H&M)

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