Wearing the new skirt again

I really want to wear my new skirt everyday! It is so pretty.
On tuesday I wore the skirt with my darkgreen waistbelt I bought in Canada, how do you like it?
White blouse: H&M
Darkgreen waistbelt: vintage, thriftstore
Highwaisted skirt: H&M
Black tights: Hema
Black boots: Ebay

I made some pictures on top of a parkinglot in the center of Arnhem for an assignment for school.
This is Arnhem by night:

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I really like this look. The belt and skirt look great together!

  2. That is an awesome skirt and the waistband works really well with it. It's a very classic and chic look and the waistband spices it up.