A photoshoot in an abandonned farm

Monday the 12th of November I did the styling for another photoshoot. Again with model Cham!
She managed to find a good photographer and make-up artist: Michael Loos and Claudia Loos.

The photographer told me that it would be best that I were to bring 3 or 4 clothing sets and it was all up to me what kind of clothing/theme I would want use. That sounded really good to me because it meant freedom in creativity!! And that is the best an artist can get ;) I decided to use a lot of vintage clothing (just because I have a lot myself) and use 'autumn' as a inspiration for all the outfits. Because I didn't had enough clothing to make 4 perfect clothing sets I thought it would be a good idea to borrow some clothing elsewhere. The first store that popped in my head was Superduper vintage in Arnhem! I guess you remember this store? I wrote something about them a while ago. (you can read it back here) I went there a week before the shoot to ask if it was possible to borrow some stuff. And I guess this was my lucky day because the owner of the store gave me a Yes! At saturday I went back to the shop to pick up the clothing so I could start creating the outfits.

At monday, the day of the shoot, I was totally prepared and
we (boyfriend and I) drove all the way to Barendrecht, near Rotterdam, to the studio with loads of clothing, shoes and accesoires. The weather was good so I was already excited that there could be a possibility to do the shoot outside. At 12.30pm we arrived at the studio but then it started to rain! So Michael, William and I prepared the studio to do the shoot inside. Cham was already there and Claudia started right of with the hair and make-up. When Cham's hair and make-up was done the sun began to shine again! What a luck! So we packed our bags, left the studio and drove of to a nice location: an old abandonned farm which was partially burned down. What an amazing location. It was old and spooky but yet so old and traditional. We walked up to the side and you could see the old flowery wallpaper. Really vintage! Our first shoot was on ground level in what was probably the living room. Then we scouted the house for more nice places and we found a nice stair to the attic. Cham almost turned into an icecube because it was really cold because she was only wearing a dress with tights. The house was really scary and dangerous. It's a brick farm with alot of wooden structures and you know wood and fire are really good friends so you can imagine what the ceiling and floors would be after a good burn. Anyway we went to the attic because it was really cool. There were already some holes in the rotten floor (probably because somebody got his or her feet stuck) The whole floor could collapse. Apart from the freezing temperature we also had to be careful with the battery of the laptop and the mobile light. We already lost the laptop after the attic shoot, the battery was empty. So for the oncoming shoots we couldn't see the result of the camera directly on the screen anymore. We went to two more places at the attached barn to take photos there but eventually it started to rain and we had to move out. The day went really fast so we only had time for 2 clothings sets :(

It was a really fun day and nice to work with Michael, Claudia and Cham! I learned a lot! Especially how clothing can work out on a photo. The wool cardigan looked really good in real-life on Cham but on the photo's she looked a little bit fat in it. So that's a fault I can learn from ;)
Here are the results: (please click to see them bigger!)

Photography: Michael Loos
Make-up & hair: Claudia Loos
Styling: Léonie Mizée
Model: Thanh Cham Au

Brown wool cardigan and the two layered lace tops (skirts) are from Superduper vintage! For more information and their webshop check: www.superdupervintage.com

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  1. Mooi issie Léonie:) Vooral de foto's met de bloemenjurk zijn lovely.. Echt een mooi sfeertje:)
    Ik ben geen model, maar het lijkt me echt super om een keer een shoot met je te doen:)

  2. Dankje!!
    En ik hou je zeker even in mijn achterhoofd voor een shoot want jij hebt echt een perfect lichaam en een mooi gezichtje :D
    Tot forumse!
    x Leonie

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous~~~^__^ These series are so great ~~It can be post in Magazine spread....haha~~Keep it up Leonie!!
    Hope you will have more and more exciting portfolio!!! (The clothes are so nice, I wish to have them too.. hehe=^^=)

  4. Wow gaaf zeg! Zijn mooie foto's geworden! En leuke outfitjes natuurlijk ;-)

  5. Miho: Thank you again ;)
    Probably in Januari I'm doing another shoot :D
    And then I want to use clothing from you ofcourse, order is coming ...
    Take care girl! x

    Liset: Mijn dank :D