Schoolproject: doing a photoshoot

For my minor "Visual Culture" on the Amsterdam fashion Institute I have one subject called Photostyling. For that subject we have to do a professional fashion photoshoot. This is definitely my favorite schoolproject! It is really fun to arrange all this! I'm already working 6 weeks on it. We managed to find a good photographer, a studio, 2 models a make-up artist and clothing ofcourse.
Let me tell you more about our shoot:

First we had to think about what kind of "fashion news" we wanted to show in the shoot. We decided to do Japanese streetfashion! Ofcourse there are different styles on the Japanese streets, we can't do it all ;) So we picked out the more "grown-up style" from Japan (read: no Harajuku, cosplay, lolita etc).
It contains a lot of bubble/puff skirts, pants and tops..hanging garnments, layering, cute details, pastels. I will show you our moodboard:The thought behind our fashion news is: Bringing Japanese fashion to Holland. So then we had to overthink how to visualize this whole idea...
First we wanted to put European models in the Japanese clothing and photograph them in a really cool old building. Then we decided to change the whole idea: we wanted to use Asian models and put them in a typically Dutch
environment. Like they are Japanese tourists in Holland. That is literally bringing Japanese fashion to Holland!

Japanese girls have these typical ways to express themselves on photo's. Most of the time they look very cute and funny. That's how we want to let our models pose too.
Here is our poses-moodboard to show you what I mean:
Then we did a search for Japanese models but because there aren't many Japanese people in Holland we decided to fake it and now we have chosen one Chinese girl (Wendy) and one Chinese/Vietnamese girl (Thanh Cham). They are really beautiful and great for our shoot! Let me introduce them to you!
This is Thanh Cham:
I want to make this kind of nonchalant knot in her hair: And this is Wendy:I want to give her some big curls: I also wanted to show you some work from our photographer. He has done really inspiring things! Now I'm only a little bit worried about the clothing .. I ordered a lot of things on the Internet from Japan, China and Malaysia. But I still don't have enough. So Thursday I'm going to borrow some clothing from the Individuals store. Individuals is the brand from the Amsterdam fashion Institute. They have got a lot of cool things which are a little bit Japan inspired too. So I hope they will borrow me some stuff!

The shoot will take place upcoming Friday! So that's really soon
I'm really curious how this is going to work out .. I'll keep you updated!

PS: Maybe Miho and Oi-ting will recognize themself in the pictures haha I hope you girls don't mind ;)

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  1. And I can't wait till it is Friday! ;)
    I will post the pics when they are ready!

  2. i'm looking forward to see the results. for one i think the models don'tlook the least japanese, but i guess europeans won't recognize anyways. AND i am curious about how the approach to japanese style is going to turn out.

  3. god i miss japan.

    i like how you did your mood board. i hope the shoot turns out well!!

  4. sounds like fun, but I have to agree with The_Kitten, I doubt that these models will look Japanese ;-) I'm exciting about the results