Roberto Cavalli for H&M

The designer <> H&M co-oporation is a little bit dissapointing for me this year.. I already wasn't the biggest Cavalli enthusiast so I didn't expected a lot. And when I saw the Roberto Cavalli at H&M collection I was totally convinced that this will not be such a hype as the Lagerfeld, Stella and Viktor&Rolf collection. I just don't like all the leopard prints, the whole collection is to gipsy for me..

But to stay positive: I did found some things I would like to have
(but I guess I don't have the money for it)
These are my picks:

What do you think of the Roberto Cavalli at H&M collection? (Check!).
I'm curious if there are more people who share my opinion!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I never liked RC.It's the same with Versace.Too gliterry and kitchy.
    I can wait to see them in real life though,I visit HM quite often

  2. Ik vond het ook niet geweldig. De jurken te laag en al die dierenprints...Ik vond alleen het zwarte shortje en een lief zwart kanten blousje leuk, de rest is gewoon niet mijn smaak.

  3. I'm glad I already found two fellowers ;)