A little trip to Den Helder on a sunny Saturday

The weather was really great today! I enjoyed it to feel sun on my skin again after a long period of Dutch grey skies and rain.

Our day started with a visit to the thriftstore in Heerhugowaard, I found a few lovely things (for example YSL shades for only €0,30!) Then we drove to Schagen to eat something. We filled our stomache and we drove further to Den Helder. Ofcourse I needed to visit the thriftstore over there too ;) After buying some stuff we headed to 'Fort Kijkduin' this is an old fort build by Napoleon in 1811. So you can see me sitting here on a big Canon near by the sea.
(don't mind my boring outfit, I didn't feel like dressing up today so I just grabbed some stuff to put on)

- Yellow t-shirt (H&M)
- Grey cardigan with a bow (Ebay)
- Frankie B flared jeans (Ebay)
- Stone heart necklace (Ebay)
- Black bag (thriftstore)
- Fornarina Courtney heels (Ebay)

www.assistme.nl advertentie

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