Japanese streetstyle coming to Holland: Say cheese!

Friday the 12th of October was the big day: the day of the photoshoot!
I set my alarm clock at 6am the night before the photoshoot. However that night was very long because I was still preparing the clothes and everything until half past 3am.
So when I woke up I felt like a zombie having only slept for 2,5 hours.

At 9am the car was fully packed and we drove from Alkmaar to Amsterdam.
Before we went to the studio I had to pick up some clothing that I was allowed to borrow at the Individuals store (the store that sells the creations from the AMFI students). The store is located at Spui in the middle of the center of Amsterdam. The center of Amsterdam is known to be very car unfriendly so I knew it would be a great challenge to get there. (that's why I asked my boyfriend to drive because I'm not a good driver when it comes to the big city).
After 5 detours we arrived at Spui. Ofcourse there was no place to park so my boyfriend just parked the car right in the middle of the street and I hopped in the store and hopped back in the car with the clothes! It was hectic to get the clothes but it was definitely worth all the hassle: The clothing was really, really beautiful! I picked up a dress, 2 tops and some big puffy pants.
So back on track with everything settled we went off to the studio somewhere else in Amsterdam

Once arrived at 12pm (noon) I started to unpack all my stuff, set up my clothing rack, gather my outfits and put them on the clothing hangers.
At half past 12pm the make-up artist Lieselotte and model Wendy arrived at the studio. Lieselotte started with hair and make-up and we waited sipping off our coffeemugs until she was done and the "party" could get started.

We first started shooting model Wendy because the other model would arrive later that afternoon. The shooting with Wendy went very well, she is a really good model!
At half past 2pm model Cham arrived so we could make the shots with both girls.
Later on Wendy went home and we continued with pictures of Cham.
At around 5pm we started with the most daring shot; The windmill-shot! It involved Cham hanging on a piece of lumber that was hanging as a bridge between two large walls. That way we could make the hanging pose so it would look like if she was hanging on a windmill-blade. It was very dangerous especially with the high heels . Cham is really a dare devil and such a nice girl to work with!

The day went by so fast, it was very tough but everything worked out as planned and maybe even better :D
Here are a few shots from that day, selected from approximatly 1000 photo's the photographer took. These are the unedited versions.
And this is the final result:
(to remind you: the shoot is about Japanese streetstyle coming to Holland, the Japanese models are interacting with typical dutch stuff)

Shot 1: The Japanese girl is turning the Dutch flag into her own Japanese vlag. This is a spread (2 pages in a magazine).

Shot 2: Danger! A big piece of Emmentaler cheese is almost smashing the Japanese girl!

Shot 3: The two Japanese girls are having a cosy chat while drinking some tea from their typical Dutch Delft-blue teacups/Delftware! In the back you can see a Delft-blue tile with a Dutch quote.

Shot 4: The two girls playing 'ganzenbord' (an old dutch boardgame). Cham is winning, Wendy doesn't care .. The second spread!

Shot 5: Because of the big amount of bikes in Holland we added a bicycle bell in our shot too :D

Shot 6: What should we do without the dish 'Boerenkool' in Holland? The Japanese girl thinks it's nice too I guess :D

Shot 7: Flying on a windmill-blade; isn't that every girls dream? Especially when you are a Japanese tourist in Holland.

Shot 8: Dutch Candy! This is also a spread.

That's it! It was really fun to do and I am proud of the result! I hope you guys can appreciate it too, although the models don't look that Japanese ;)

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  1. You know, that sounds like a really awesome and fun project to do! Though I'm sure it was a lot of hard work as well:) The end result is certainly pretty awesome. My favourite is the cheese picture I think, I like the absolute unclutteredness of it.

  2. Thank you!
    But yes, it was really a lot work :D
    But really fun to do..

  3. congratulations to the photoshoot, the work turned out nice. You have some really awesome pics, I like the one with the desk at most.

  4. Hey Hey, finally~~^^ haha~~~the result are awesome...I love all these really really nice...I love behind the scenes' picture, must be a lot of hard work and fun there!!

    And the studio so nice, oh~~I love that^__^ Keep up your good work!!

    Oh~~my new stuff already uploaded in my album, go check it out http://www.pixnet.net/mihomina07 ya~~~

    Love, Miho

  5. oh how cute! i love it that you showed the raw pictures as well as the finished ones. great work.

  6. Coolie! You is stylist? Vriendjes worden? Me = fotograaf. :)

  7. Thanks everybody for the sweet comments! You guys make me happy :)

    Hey girl!! How are you?
    Thank you very much!
    Yess we sure had a lot of fun it was such a nice project to do.
    I hope you like the way I combined your clothes in the outfit ;)
    Your new stuff is really beautiful, I like to buy loads of stuff from you but I'm really poor girl at the moment :(
    Hope to send you my order soon..
    CU online! x Leonie

    lijkt me tof om een keer iets samen te kunnen doen :)
    Ik stuur je binnenkort wel even een mailtje.
    Let's be friends haha
    x Leonie

  8. WAUW - dat ziet er echt supergoed uit! Voor welk tijdschrift is het? Mijn tijdschrift wil ze ook wel... ;)
    GA ZO DOOR met je mooie werk én je leuke website! Witlof van Martine

    martinemussies A gmail.com