Prada fall winter 2007/2008 and their banana heels

They have done a really good job at Prada for this fall/winter collection!
The colouring is great (love the use of gradients!) and the materials and shapes are really special in my opinion.
When I first saw the shots of the runway show I immediately adored the shoes with the banana heels. They are really unique and perfectly fit the image of this fall/winter fashion!
Take a look:
A little mean voice in my head kept singing over and over again: "Nananana, you can never afford these shoes". So I decided to not think about them again..
But then on a sunny day in Amsterdam I walked into the Zara and what catched my eye: Banana heels!! For only 80 euro's! What a lucky day!
So this is me wearing them, with my new H&M dress and vintage bag I bought this weekend:

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuk dat je ze gevonden hebt!~Leuke outfit ook!

  2. Oh my gosh! When I read what your head, :), was singing for you and then saw the shoes I really tought that you had bought them just to make the brain shut up. But these copies from Zara are amazing! So similair to the real ones, that by the way is my favourites from the catwalk when I talk about the shoes, from Prada. I wish I had noraml, adultsized feetes so I could buy them too! :D

  3. Hey Kasja,
    yeah you are right, they are amazingly real copies!
    Too bad you've got small feet..
    Then I guess you have to buy the real Prada's ;)
    Thanks for you comment!
    x Leonie

  4. Haha, yeah! Now I need the real ones. ;D Like that idea for sure. Hahaha
    I hope it was okey for you that I linked your blog on my blog? Wanted more people in Sweden to be able to find your cute, inspirering blog and your amazing shoes. In Sweden those Pradapumps are a superbig hype so people will get crazy when they see your shoes. :)Thanks for the really nice comment. I can just say, the same to you! The way you put outfits together are great! Have a really nice weekend. Hugs